The place of Orionix within the skin trading framework of the Gaming Industry

As of 2019, the market cap of virtual items trading exceeds 50 billion dollars, growing more than 500% since 2000. Almost any gamer out there has heard about the practice of acquiring virtual items such as skins for a variety of multiplayer games from the likes of CS:GO. In recent years, other utmost video games such as Dota 2, Rust and H1Z1 have also made their way onto the scene by implementing the same features that enable players to acquire these skins and utilize them for their own purposes, exchange them for other skins or sell them for cash accordingly.

Such an approach presents itself with a vital opportunity for all players to adjust their gaming inventories in a way that thoroughly matches their preferences.

What’s most fascinating about the entire process is that as simplistic as it may seem from a first glance, it involves much more components than one could imagine. For example, in order for the skins to become available for purchase on the first hand, there are a number of qualified designers that go through each item and perfect its look and design so it looks as appealing as possible for the end consumer. Some of the most popular so-called “skins” consist of inventory such as knives, guns and outfits, each of which has a unique and distinctive design.

Furthermore, what we can observe is that several studies have indicated that the obtainment of in-game items in many games tends to promote a feeling of well-being as it activates the release of dopamine and thus increases the confidence and performance of the given player. This, in the long-run, contributes to his overall development and leads to more concrete and interactive gaming experiences.

Orionix is here to further stimulate this process by delivering a secure and instrumental environment where each player would have the chance to buy and sell their items 24/7 with no annoying limits or endless verification procedures. It’ll be possible for you to make transactions from any place and any time — be it while sitting on your sofa at home, traveling or working out at the gym. All it takes is 1 click from you and the rest is handled by the network. ORX makes it all possible by creating an international bond between blockchain users and gaming enthusiasts that provides digital freedom with no barriers to entry.