A new revolution to the gaming industry – Orionix.io

It's predicted that the Gaming industry would be $300 billion industry by 2025. This gives a percept of why Gaming companies are splurging millions of dollars on a single game, not just PC gaming or consoles, but Mobile games too.

This industry is blasting with its luxurious innovation, where Virtual Reality (VR) is only a piece of it. Since with this progression, theft comes along, as individuals who aren't reluctant to trick others are finding ways to deceive users who are spending top bucks in their gaming collection.

We all have heard of Steam, a gaming platform developed by Valve Corporation where users make quick payments to get their desired games in their inventory. However, people are now being scammed on such platform due to lack of transparency. Many Steam accounts are being hacked, or their security is breached.

This is where Orionix.io steps in. A new trading platform in the era of Blockchain technology especially designed for the Gaming industry to ensure transparency and security alike. In other words, you could buy, trade games or inventory items with the help of ORX tokens. An entirely new cryptocurrency technology that uses the peer-to-peer crypto network without the need for intermediaries and ensures safe trading for gamers.

Although Orionix is not a gaming platform, yet it's going to help gamers from across the globe.

Benefits that come with this innovation:

1.Ease of Exchange: Immediately trade ORX tokens on popular exchanges.

2.Cost-effective solution: Unlike other cryptocurrencies, ORX is a COMMISSION-FREE system which allows users to buy/sell without paying any fee that is being charged by most of the traders or platforms that offers such trading.

It's paramount for the company to ensure security and stay updated all the time. Albeit, it's not surprising that people from the gaming industry drive Orionix.io team but also lovers of Blockchain technology, programmers, and financial advisors.

The Orionixteam is taking care of every other user; so why not let's grow together!