The impact of e-commerce in building a better, more sustainable gaming domain

Generation Z could surely be considered to be the segment that has witnessed the greatest and most drastic transitions not only in the field of tech and communications but also in the general human kind evolution. As a matter of fact, we’ve come to a point where things can change and evolve in a matter of days. Yesterday’s world is no longer the same as tomorrow’s and that makes us all wonder what’s next for the human civilization. Truth is that the e-commerce space is a no exception. The statistics point out that currently there are more than 800 million users using the internet for shopping on a daily basis, including game buyers who are also becoming an increasingly active factor.

The trend for the past 10 years shows that more and more users are shifting from the traditional gaming consoles such as PS and Xbox to using laptops, tablets and mobile devices. This is much different from how it used to be 7–10 years ago when it seemed like consoles were starting to have the upper hand. Ultimately, what this concludes is that gamers and digital users in general like to possess devices that have a multi-value function with different purposes. Logically enough, this also explains the substantial growth Google Play and the Apple App Store have experienced. People use each one of them to download their favorite games and apps as the stores offer the greatest level of convenience, reliability, security and fast access. Those are also a main source of marketing for many companies worldwide.

While it is relevant to take into account that the amount of PS4 and Xbox users may have decreased in recent years, the figures portray a different picture for the total number of global gaming users. They have actually increased exceptionally. According to, the number of total gamers as of 2019 was equivalent to about 2.2 billion, up from 1.8 billion in 2014 which is a very remarkable growth speed. Undeniably, the occurrence has been enhanced by some external factors such a strong economy with high consumption rate and a rise of e-commercial strategies that reach target audiences such as B2B and B2C.

The Orionix organization is highly dedicated to the positive outcomes of such a transition. It, therefore, plans to join this journey by maximizing its reach and getting listed on as many currency exchanges available on the App Store where holders will be able to trade the coin instantly and freely. Moreover, it will also aim to establish a partnership with an abundance of e-commerce firms out there. Such an approach will be taken in order to acquire licenses that will allow the adaptation of its protocol so it can be used by everyone for all types of purchases.