Cryptocurrencies’ economic adoption and mainstream presence

Undeniably, at this point in time the cryptocurrency space is highly driven by speculation. The majority of this speculation comes from investors that are still exploring the various different features of the actual concept behind it and essentially trying to grasp and interpret what the future might have in store for the industry. However, in the constantly evolving digitalized world, dictated by social media, big data and neuroscience, the field of cryptocurrencies has profoundly enlarged its global influence by growing more than 100 times in market cap since 2013. This massive growth has consequently been accompanied by more and more individuals becoming aware of what the uses and benefits that they carry are. Furthermore, institutional interest has also been on the rise in recent years as bitcoin futures trading is now available on several official exchanges thus enhancing the process of its mainstream adoption. Currently, there are roughly around 3 million bitcoin ATMs worldwide which also indicates that almost anyone, be it a large international organization or an average household, can get hold of the digital asset conveniently and then utilize it in a multi-purposeful manner.

Additionally, it is remarkable to note that global economic confidence has been constantly growing in the last decade and continuously reaching new highs which ultimately leads to more demand and spending in the economy – a factor that has further fueled interest in digital currencies. It is only logical that as technology and e-commerce keep on advancing so does the blockchain as the correlation between both is evidently positive. What’s more is that this mega trend doesn’t seem like it is going anywhere anytime soon as the world has become somewhat dependent on technology. With more than 2 billion people expected to turn into online shopping by 2021, this would account to more than 25% of the world’s population and therefore that is where Orionix could be vastly useful with its elimination of fees.

Just like the emergence of new cryptocurrencies has contributed to this blockchain revolution that we’re witnessing in one way or another, Orionix(ORX) will aim to achieve a similar effect by transforming the gaming industry into a more transparent, efficient, cost-effective and safe environment where gamers from all across the globe will be able to fulfill their passion in the most practical and satisfying way.