Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are the Future - Wake Up the Sleeping Giant

Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies do not require any introduction. The fastest way to send a hefty amount within seconds somewhat makes it even more attractive. It's quite imperative for Bitcoin users to ponder on its security while transacting.

Bitcoin is an innovative payment gateway which uses Encryption in every transaction to ensure privacy and security. Even America's richest man, i.e., Bill Gates says, and I quote, "Bitcoin is exciting me because it shows how cheap transactions can be." Not only this, he believes that Bitcoins are the future.

From being disregarded, Bitcoins are currently the new fixation of the season. Upcoming entrepreneurs earning top bucks and becoming tycoons overnight to increased direction among bitcoin trades — plenty of things are going on in this world of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin innovation started to enter open talk in 2011, generally through its relationship as an unknown payment system utilized on illegal and underground sites. The story misrepresented the change and neglected to recognize the most essential and fluctuated possibilities of what Bitcoin brings to the table.

We should endeavor to reboot the first experience with Bitcoin and pass on a portion of the reasons why many in the financial and innovation parts are excited about its guarantee.

Bottom line, cash is on the verge of falling out of fashion. Although this message might sound alarming to the general population, those in the world of cryptocurrencies are well aware of this reality. Reason being, many coins such as Litcoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Zcash (ZEC), Dash, Ripple (XPR), and Monero (XMR) offer endless trading possibilities & applications.

In this market where the big guys are easily identifiable, the smaller actors are actually creating support for the entire system. New ideas are sprouting right and left and in those ideas there is freedom of imagination for future trading solutions. Bitcoin began with an idea, like most of the major cryptocurrencies. Although many accuse Bitcoin of being virtual, it's often due to shortness of sight and still hanging on to past limitations. People who have adopted Bitcoin have learned one strong truth – virtuality has value.

Orionix (ORX) has a fresh and convincing idea that is still young and in its early stages, but the idea has value. It doesn't focus on a few steps into in the future, but many years ahead. The team sees where there's a demand and little to no offer and they are willing to get down in the mud on delicate subjects like RMT. Gamers have to accept they've been shaped in their thoughts based on what is considered acceptable by private compagnies. Those same compagnies can sell boost in experience gain where the player saves a few hours of repetitive tasks, but the idea of paying an individual at a fair price to do the exact same thing is considered heresy. Greed is rampant in the current system. Yes those compagnies need ressources, they are delivering a service after all. However, there are solutions where both the players and the content creators can both earn. Right now, it's mainly one-sided. Video games are not only intertainment, they are much more than that. They have hidden value and whichever future market system you imagine, gaming will undoubtedly reveal how much of a sleeping giant it truly is.