The birth and development of the Blockchain notion — from an ordinary idea to a financial revolution

The year is 2008. Satoshi Nakamoto just registered the domain and named Bitcoin a “peer to peer electronic cash system”. About a year later, the first manifestation of the bitcoin concept comes into existence after Nakamoto mines “block number 0” and officially puts a start to a new chapter of the human technological innovation and the global financial system.

Just like any other venture, initially bitcoin and the Blockchain system were both seen as an experiment which had some flaws and needed improvements. An example of this dates back to 2010 when the bitcoin protocol malfunctioned and couldn’t verify transactions properly resulting in a lot of confusion for its users. Another instance is the 2014 Mt Gox security breach which caused bitcoins worth $450 million to go missing.

Despite of that, Nakamoto proved to be a strongly determined, audacious and resourceful entrepreneur by using a Hashcash method in order to eliminate restrictions to the addition of blocks to the Blockchain network and underpin its overall design.

10 years fast forward, today the Blockchain has grown to more than 100 GB in size with millions of transactions being processed and blocks being mined each single day. What’s more is that its smart contacts feature has experienced a tremendous usage boost due to its ability to automatically handle invoices and have them pay themselves.

As of 2016, studies have shown that the decentralized range of Blockchains have acquired a total of about 15% adoption rate thus making the technology be classified as an “early adopter” and something that has the potential to fully be integrated into the monetary system in the days to come.

Considering all these facts and occurrences that the field has encountered, there is one thing which can be stated with certainty and that is that every time there has been setback for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, they have managed to bounce back stronger and overcome all the FUD that has been attempting to discredit them.

We at Orionix believe in the continuation of such a tendency just like we believe in change. Just like we believe in the breeze that would bring gaming freedom to everyone out there that strives for it.

As a result, our company has set a vision to decentralize the ORX token and maximize its efficiency in using the most transparent and practical approaches to highlight all its features. Together with you — our supporters, our readers and everyone else who engages with the ORX concept, we will manage to collectively become part of this massive revolution and capitalize on every aspect of it!